Sunday, 6 September 2015


      I met Carleen in 2012. She was a Booty Camp newcomer but quickly became a beloved member of the team. She was quiet at first, like most new Booty Campers, but her smile lights up a room. It took a while to bring her out of her shell, sometimes she would go an entire workout without saying much at all. Once we cracked her shy exterior, there was no turning back! Carleen, like most of us, was working hard to get the body and health that she wanted. After many years of failed diets and exercise plans, you could tell that she was serious this time about her fitness goals. Her drive was apparent and motivated us all. In February of 2013 she joined the Booty Camp Girls in the very first Boudoir Rouge and proved to everyone that no matter what your shape or size, you can be SEXY! She danced on stage in little more than her underwear in front of 200 people and totally rocked it!
      We were all so sad when she had to move away to be with her amazing and supportive boyfriend Jason. And although we were losing such an amazing women, we made sure to keep in touch over the past couple of years. In this time she has continued to challenge herself and push the limits. She has inspired me to work harder, change habits, love yourself, and keep fitness as a number one priority. Carleen truly is an inspiration. This year she has signed up for her very first TRIATHLON, which takes place in Vancouver on September 7th. Even thought she only recently started riding her bike again, and is a little afraid of the swim in the open water, she is taking on the challenge like she does all others...with umph, gusto, laughs and smiles. I can't say this enough, I am so proud of her. I have been so privileged to call her my friend and to follow her fitness journey. She shows us all that with hard work and determination, anything can be done. Carleen, I wish you luck on Monday, not that you need it, on this first of many triathlons. Love ya! Now go kick some ass!!

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